Film photography, because even in the digital age, nothing beats the magic of a physical roll of film!

Film developing, scanning and printing, we offer a complete analogue film processing service for all your photographic needs.

Welcome to Photo Hippo Lab

At Photo Hippo Lab, established in 1995, we pride ourselves on being a totally independent film processing lab.
We have undergone a few name changes over the years, but for the last decade, we have been known as Photo Hippo Ltd.

We have a small and dedicated team, Kerry and Steve Seddon. This allows us to keep things simple, and we are aware of every customer order, so it becomes personal for us as well. You are not just another customer at Photo Hippo, you are someone we feel like we know and we treat each order as if it were our own.

Whether you are a returning customer or new to our lab, we welcome you and thank you for choosing Photo Hippo Lab.

35mm C41 Films

35mm Film Processing Services.
Single Use Camera Developing.
Process, Scan and Prints.

Lab Time 1 - 3 days

35mm Black & White

35mm Black & White Film Processing Services.  Develop, Scans and Prints by Mail Order.

lab time 1 - 3 days

35mm E6 Slide Film

35mm E6 Slide Film Services.
Mounted or Un-Mounted.
Scans and Prints Available. 

Lab time 10- 14 days

APS Film

APS Film Developing Services.
Mail Order Service UK.
Process, Scans and Prints

lab time 1 - 3 days

120 Roll Film

120 Medium Format Film Processing.
Develop, scan and Prints.

lab time 1 - 3 days

120 Black & White

120 Black and White Film Processing Services by Post.
Scanning & Prints.

lab time 1 - 3 days

120 E6 Films

120 E6 Film Processing Services By Mail Order UK. 
Scans and Prints Available

lab time 10 - 14 days

110 & 126 Films

110 Film Processing Services.
126 Film Developing By Mail.
Process, Scans or Prints.

lab time 1 - 5 days

127 Films Services

127 Film Processing Services.
Processing negs, scanning & Prints.

lab time 1 - 3 days

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Our mailing address is:
Photo Hippo Ltd
22 Standish Street
BB11 1AP

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