35mm C41 Film & Single Use Cameras

All prices shown below include FREE return postage


35mm C41 Film Processing

Processing Negs Only, no prints or scans. Ideal for home scanning.



35mm Film Developing by post

Develop and Download, no prints just digital scans sent via WeTransfer.



35mm Films scanned to CD

Develop Film and Scan to CD, includes digital download too.



35mm Film processing with 6x4 photos

Develop Negs, Digital Scans and 6x4 Prints. Gloss or Lustre Finish.
White Border Prints Available.

24exp £13 / 36exp £15


C41 35mm film scanned to CD

Develop Negs, Scans to CD and 6x4 Prints. Gloss or Lustre Finish.
White Border Prints Available.

24exp £14 / 36exp £16


Send in 6+ Films to get 10% OFF
Send in 12+ Films to get 15% OFF

£ SAVE £

Fast Track Your Order

Need your order quick or feeling impatient?  Our fast track service lets you jump the queue so we prioritise your order. Please add £2.00 per film for this service. 

35mm Scan Sizes

Did you know that our standard scans are larger & less expensive than most other photo labs in the UK?

Standard Scans.

12x8 inch scans at 300dpi JPG 
3637 x 2433 Pixels
Average file size 3.5MB

Included with scanning services above.

Medium Scans.

15x10 inch scans at 300dpi JPG
4547 x 3047 Pixels
Average file size 5.7MB

£3.50 Extra Per Film.

Large Scans.

18x12 inch scans at 300dpi JPG
5444 x 3649 Pixels
Average file size 7.5MB

£5.50 Extra Per Film.

TIFF Scans.

24bit TIFF scans

Add £5.50 to our standard, medium, or large scans.

Other 35mm Film Services

Upgrade Photo Size.

Looking for larger photos than 6x4 at time of processing?

7x5 Photos add £2.50
8x6 Photos add £5.00
9x6 Photos add £6.00
10x8 Photos add £22.00
12x8 Photos add £25.00

Extra Set of Prints.

One set of 6x4 photos not enough at time of processing?

24/27 exp films add £5.00 for an extra set.
36exp films add £7.00 for an extra set.

Single Frame Reprints.

Got a favourite photo you want an extra copy of or maybe an enlargement?

6x4  £1.50 each
7x5  £2.00 each
8x6  £3.50 each
10x8 £5.00 exch                
Larger sizes available, get in touch!

Retro Full Sets.

Got some already processed negatives that you would like reprinting or scanning?

6x4 Reprints of whole film 24exp £15   /  36exp £17
Negs scan & Download  24exp £10   /  36exp £12
Negs scan to CD   24exp £11  /  36exp £13

Lomography 35mm Film Services

Cross Processing

For all you LOMOHEADS out there!
Here at Photo Hippo Lab we don't charge any extra to cross process your E6 films through C41 chemicals.


Pull or Push Films

Shot on the wrong iso by mistake or maybe it was a deliberate?  We can pull or push your films to 2 stops. 

Add £1.50 extra per film.

Soup Films

Another one for you LOMOHEADS, experimental film photography at it's finest.
What will you be soaking your films in?

Add £2.00 extra per film.

Remjet Films ECN2

Remjet is  a protective layer on the base of motion picture film that can be used for still photography although the layer needs removed first, that's what we do!

Add £3.00 extra per film.

Sprocket & 3D Films

Sprocket scanning and 3D films require us to manually scan your film, this takes extra time but is well worth the results.

Add £7.00 extra per film.

Manual Scanning

Manual scanning is required for irregular or unusual frame sizes like lomo spinners etc.

Add £5.00 extra per film.

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