Is 35mm Film Photography Dead in 2023?

No, 35mm film is most certainly not dead in 2023.

It’s very much alive and kicking here at Photo Hippo Lab in Burnley, we process and develop loads of the stuff every single day.  35mm film has been around for over a century, and it's still going strong. Despite the rise of digital photography, many photographers continue to prefer 35mm film for its unique aesthetic and creative possibilities. In this blog post, we'll explore why 35mm film is still the best and why it's not dead, but alive and kicking. One of the main reasons 35mm film is still the best is its high resolution. When captured on film, images have a unique organic quality that is often difficult to replicate digitally. The film grain gives images a unique texture and depth that can add to the overall aesthetic. This is particularly true for black and white film, which can produce rich tonal variations and deep blacks.35mm film also offers a wide dynamic range, meaning it can capture a greater range of tonal values from dark to light. This allows for more detailed and nuanced images, especially in high-contrast situations. This is particularly important for photographers who want to capture a wide range of lighting conditions, from bright sunlight to deep shadows.Another advantage of 35mm film is its versatility. There are a wide variety of 35mm cameras available, from compact point-and-shoot models to professional-grade SLRs (single lens reflex cameras). This allows photographers to choose the camera that best suits their needs and budget. Additionally, 35mm cameras also offer a wide range of lenses and accessories, which can be used to achieve different types of shots, including wide-angle, telephoto and macro. This allows photographers to experiment with different looks and styles.Some photographers prefer 35mm film because it forces them to slow down and think more carefully about their shots. With digital photography, it's easy to take hundreds of pictures and then sort through them later to find the best ones. With film, you have a limited number of frames, which forces you to be more selective about what you shoot. This can lead to more thoughtful and considered photography.Additionally, many photographers appreciate the tactile experience of working with film. The act of loading the film into the camera, winding it through the rollers, and then developing the film in the darkroom can be a meditative and rewarding process.In conclusion, 35mm film is still the best option for photographers who want a unique and organic look, a wide dynamic range, and a tactile and meditative experience. It's not dead, but alive and kicking, providing photographers with a wide range of possibilities to capture memories in a unique way. It's a format that will continue to be appreciated by photographers for years to come.