Should I buy a 35mm Camera in 2023?

In a digital age where instant gratification is the norm, the thought of using a 35mm film camera may seem foreign to many young adults. However, there are several reasons why investing in a 35mm film camera in 2023 is worth considering.

Firstly, film photography forces you to slow down and think more intentionally about your shots. When shooting with film, you only have a limited number of shots, unlike digital photography where you can take hundreds of photos without giving it a second thought. This forces you to be more selective and thoughtful about what you're capturing, resulting in more meaningful and thought-provoking photographs.

Secondly, film photography provides a sense of nostalgia and timelessness. The aesthetic of film photographs has a certain charm and warmth that cannot be replicated by digital cameras. The colors, contrast and grain of a film photograph are unique and evoke emotions that digital photographs cannot match.

Thirdly, film photography offers a level of control and creativity that is not present in digital photography. With film, you have full control over the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. This allows you to experiment with different settings and create images that are truly unique to you. Digital cameras, on the other hand, have pre-set modes and settings that can limit your creative freedom.

Fourthly, film photography is a way to stand out in a digital world. With so many people having access to digital cameras or smartphones, it can be challenging to make your photographs stand out. But with film, the unique look of the images can help your photography to look different, organic and more personal.

Lastly, film photography is an investment in the long term. While the initial cost of a film camera may be higher than a digital camera, the long-term cost is much lower. Film cameras do not require updates or new software and are built to last. A good quality film camera can last for decades, and still produce beautiful photographs today.

In conclusion, investing in a 35mm film camera in 2023 is a great decision for a young adult who wants to experience the nostalgia and timelessness of film photography, have greater control and creativity over their images, stand out in a digital world and make a long-term investment.