Which is best, digital or film photography in 2023?

Film photography has a certain allure and charm that many photographers find irresistible. 

One of the main advantages of film is its ability to capture a unique, organic look that is difficult to replicate with digital cameras. Film has a distinct grain structure and color palette that gives photographs a warmth and texture that is often missing in digital images. This grain is known as "film grain" and it creates a unique texture and a sense of depth in photographs. The film grain also creates a sense of nostalgia and can make photographs feel more timeless.Another advantage of film is its ability to capture a wider dynamic range than digital cameras. This means that film is able to capture a greater range of tones and colors, from the darkest shadows to the brightest highlights. This allows for a greater degree of control over the final image, and can result in more nuanced and detailed photographs. Film is also able to handle highlights and shadows better than digital cameras, and it can produce images that are more true to life. This is because film has a wider tonal range, and it can capture more details in the highlights and shadows.

Film photography also requires a certain level of skill and expertise that is not required with digital photography. Because film photography is a manual process, photographers must be familiar with camera mechanics and the properties of different film types in order to achieve the desired results. This can make film photography a more rewarding and satisfying experience for those who are passionate about the craft. Film photography also forces the photographer to think more carefully about composition, exposure, and other technical aspects of photography. It slows down the process and makes the photographer think more about the final result.Additionally, film photography is often seen as more authentic and true to the medium of photography. There is a sense of nostalgia for the traditional methods of capturing images, and the tactile experience of holding a physical print in your hand is often considered more meaningful than viewing a digital image on a screen. 

Film photography also creates a sense of permanence and physicality that is often missing in digital photography.While digital photography has its own set of advantages, such as instant preview and editing, many photographers still prefer the unique look and feel of film, as well as the creative possibilities it offers. Film photography also allows for a more thought-provoking process and ultimately creates a sense of timelessness in images.In conclusion, film photography is still considered to be superior to digital photography by many photographers due to its ability to capture a unique, organic look, its wider dynamic range, and the level of skill and expertise it requires. Film photography also creates a sense of nostalgia, authenticity and permanence that many photographers find appealing. While digital photography has its own advantages, film photography remains a popular and valid choice for photographers who value the unique look and feel of traditional photography.