Who still uses a 110 camera these days and why?

110 film cameras are still popular among photographers for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is the nostalgia factor. For many people, using a 110 film camera brings back memories of their childhood or a simpler time. The physical act of loading the film, and waiting for the film to be developed can be a fun and nostalgic experience.

Another reason is the unique look and feel of 110 film. The smaller negative size of 110 film gives images a distinct, dreamy quality that is not easily replicated with digital cameras. Additionally, 110 film has a distinct grain structure that can add character and depth to an image.

Another reason is the simplicity of 110 film cameras. They have few buttons and settings, which can make them easy to use and understand, even for children. This simplicity also allows photographers to focus more on the composition and subject of their photos, rather than getting bogged down with technical settings.

Lastly, many people enjoy the challenge and unpredictability of using film. Since film cameras do not have a preview screen, photographers must rely on their instincts and knowledge of exposure to get the shot they want. Additionally, the unique characteristics of different film stocks can add an element of surprise to the final image.

In summary, 110 film cameras are still loved and enjoyed by many people for the nostalgia they evoke, the unique aesthetic they offer, their simplicity, and the challenge and unpredictability they offer.

Here at Photo Hippo Lab we process loads of 110 every single day, proving they are still very popular.